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With all units of measurement, every and all ingredients can be accurately measured to 1 decimal point.

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  • Kitchen Ingredients

    Precise measurements every time ‚Äď our digital measuring spoon makes it easy. Perfect for home cooks and bakers. Order yours today.

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  • Pet food

    Easily portion out the perfect serving of pet food with our measuring scoop. It's a simple but essential tool for any pet owner.

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  • Weight Lifters

    Precise measurements for optimal workouts ‚Äď our digital measuring spoon makes it easy to portion out your protein and supplements. Compact and easy to clean, it's a must-have for serious weightlifters. Order yours today and power up your routine.

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  • For Coffee lovers

    Get precise measurements for the perfect cup of coffee with our digital measuring spoon. No more guessing ‚Äď just scoop and let the digital display do the work. Compact and easy to clean, it's a must-have for coffee lovers.

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Perfect for Pets

Our digital measuring scoop is perfect for making sure your little friends get the perfect amount of food to keep them happy and healthy!

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Easy to clean

Simply detach the scoop/spoon from the handle and you can clean the items from there.

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How it works

A quick preview of how to work easyMeasure, to easily get the results wanted!

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High-precision and Easy-to-use!

As shown, easyMeasure is designed for our customers to get the results wanted at the click of a button!

Get yours today!

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